Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yet another new site!!!

What started as a little consulting gig and a way to share what I had learned about the no huddle has morphed into something much bigger.

I am proud to announce the creation of Full Throttle Coaching Solutions, a company that is committed to helping coaches save time in every facet of their program allowing them stop managing people and programs and spending their new found time doing what they signed up to do... COACHING THEIR PLAYERS!

Check out what we are offering at: Full Throttle Football

Sunday, February 7, 2010

For more No Huddle Materials, check out our new home at:

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Making Things Easier

I am forgetful, especially when I get caught up in a practice or game. As a playcard guy and a strict practice plan guy, this has often meant that I would be sending an injured player or manager to the other end of the field to grab my cards and plans. Well, those days are over. I recently decided to take the next step and attach the information to me to eliminate that frustration. I had seen other coaches using strings and keychains, so I got a retractable keychain that attached to my belt. It looks something like this:

This allows me to make a playcall and then let go of the card. It also allows me to have all important documents with me at all times without worrying about where I set them down. If you are interested in trying this out, check out your local hardware store, or look at the selection at the website below.

Lanyard Central

An if the game or practice goes badly, you might want to look into the one that looks like this.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Warm Up Part 3 - Dynamic Agilities

Exercise 14: Form Skip
Distance: 20 yds
Coaching Points:
  • Arms locked at 90 degrees
  • Drive knees forward
  • Pop off balls of feet keeping toes up
  • Drive elbows back aggressively
Exercise 15: Side Shuffle
Distance: 20 yds each way
Coaching Points:
  • Feet stay pointed straight ahead
  • Weight on the balls of your feet
  • Short shuffle steps
Exercise 16: Side Run
Distance: 20 yds each way
Coaching Points:
  • Keep center of gravity low
  • Cross over in front of body
  • Should be balanced and able to change direction
Exercise 17: Backwards Cycle
Distance: 20 yds
Coaching Points:
  • Keep Chest up tall
  • Heel tight to butt keeping toes up
  • Kick backward as far as possible with good form
Exercise 18: Lunge Walk
Distance: 20 yds
Coaching Points:
  • Arms locked at 90 degrees
  • Large step forward
  • Do not bend at the hip
  • Keep chest up tall
Exercise 19: Side Lunge
Distance: 20 yds each side
Coaching Points:
  • Keep both feet pointed forward
  • Full lateral extension of leg
  • Keep hips low to the ground
Exercise 20: Form Runs
Distance: 20 yds twice
Coaching Points:
  • 75% on the first rep
  • 90% on the final rep
  • Clap it up in the end zone

Warm Up Part 2 - Ground Base Dynamic Stretches

Exercise 9: Single Leg Raise
Reps: 10 each leg
Coaching Points:
  • Keep legs straight
  • Back stays flat on ground
  • Palms down to the side
  • Do not let the heel touch the ground between reps
  • Stay under control
Exercise 10: Skydivers
Reps: 10
Coaching Points:
  • lift both arms and legs off ground
  • focus on lower back
Exercise 11: Hip Hydrants
Reps: 5 each leg
Coaching Points:
  • Bulldozer position
  • Knees under the hips
  • Lift up and out
Exercise 12: Leg Circle
Reps: 5 forward each leg and 5 backward each leg
Coaching Points:
  • Bulldozer position
  • Start with right leg and go forward then back
  • Switch to left and go forward then back
  • Full range of motion is important
Exercise 13: Mountain Climbers
Reps: 5 each leg
  • Drive knee to chest
  • Be light on your feet
  • Stretch into each rep
  • Do not push the pace

Warm Up Part 1 - Stationary Dynamic Stretches

Exercise 1: Prisoner Squat
Reps: 10 to cadence
Coaching points:
  • Feet shoulder width
  • back flat / butt back
  • Toes over knees
Exercise 2: Jumping Jack
Reps: 10 to cadence
Coaching points:
  • Stay on balls of feet
  • Full Range of Motion
  • Arms and Legs Straight
Exercise 3: Seal Jump
Reps: 10 to cadence
Coaching points:
  • Stretches shoulder forward
  • Stay on balls of feet
  • Arms and Legs Straight
Exercise 4: Pogo Jump - Quick
Reps: 10 sec. X 2 Quick Reps
  • Keep legs straight
  • Use arms with jump
Exercise 5: Pogo Jump - High
Reps: 10 sec. X 2
  • Long Air Time - High in Air
  • Keep legs straight
Exercise 6: Wide Outs
Reps: 10 sec. X 2
  • Start in quarter squat
  • Maintain athletic position
  • Hips stay at same height
Exercise 7: Gate Swing
Reps: 10 to cadence
Coaching points:
  • Start in squat position
  • Hands on knees
  • Widen and sink hips into deep groin stretch
  • Keep all weight on the balls of feet
Exercise 8: Scissor Jump
Reps: 10 to cadence
Coaching points:
  • Start in running position
  • Keep arms locked at 90 degrees
  • Jump and switch feet
  • Sink into a stretch and repeat
  • Keep chest tall at all times

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 4 Install

Day 4 was a defensive day, but we spent the last hour scrimmaging in a 7 on 7 setting.  We did very little drilling, but we got lots of live reps vs. our defense using each of our formations and plays.  10 plays were in by the end of the day and the players seemed very adept at understanding the system.  All communication was through sideline signals and we stopped to answer any questions that arose.

One obstacle that we ran into was players with multiple positions.  Tailbacks that also played slot and the like.  This caused some confusion, so we tried to put more information on the card.  In subsequent competition, that did not prove to be as effective as we would have hoped.  For that reason.  We will be buying flipping cards for those types of players.  They will have their primary card on the front and the secondary one under the flipping portion.

We left Day 4 feeling great about the offense and curious about how our defense would step up against real competition.