Saturday, July 19, 2008

Making Things Easier

I am forgetful, especially when I get caught up in a practice or game. As a playcard guy and a strict practice plan guy, this has often meant that I would be sending an injured player or manager to the other end of the field to grab my cards and plans. Well, those days are over. I recently decided to take the next step and attach the information to me to eliminate that frustration. I had seen other coaches using strings and keychains, so I got a retractable keychain that attached to my belt. It looks something like this:

This allows me to make a playcall and then let go of the card. It also allows me to have all important documents with me at all times without worrying about where I set them down. If you are interested in trying this out, check out your local hardware store, or look at the selection at the website below.

Lanyard Central

An if the game or practice goes badly, you might want to look into the one that looks like this.


Compass360 Consulting Group said...

I don't coach anymore. I used to organize everything through a 5" binder w/ color-coded sheets. Then I would shift the necessary material from the 5" to the 1" during competitive planning and preparation situation.

I then summarized everything in six pages (8.5" x 14) and hide it behind a clipboard. One key to being a good play-calling strategist is how one organizes his information flow.

If you ever get a chance, look at Walsh or Belichick or Shanahan play book and game script. Look at Andy Reid. He does not carry pages of plays. ... He codes his plays which simplifies the amount of information that he has to carry during game day. He knows what plays he has to call.

In summary, it is all about how one organizes their information flow and how one reads it.

If one doesn't have a tangible system of order, one has nothing to compete with,

heaven said...

You may want to try something artistic and personalized yet serving the same use. Check badge holder