Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 4 Install

Day 4 was a defensive day, but we spent the last hour scrimmaging in a 7 on 7 setting.  We did very little drilling, but we got lots of live reps vs. our defense using each of our formations and plays.  10 plays were in by the end of the day and the players seemed very adept at understanding the system.  All communication was through sideline signals and we stopped to answer any questions that arose.

One obstacle that we ran into was players with multiple positions.  Tailbacks that also played slot and the like.  This caused some confusion, so we tried to put more information on the card.  In subsequent competition, that did not prove to be as effective as we would have hoped.  For that reason.  We will be buying flipping cards for those types of players.  They will have their primary card on the front and the secondary one under the flipping portion.

We left Day 4 feeling great about the offense and curious about how our defense would step up against real competition.  

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